Different Kinds Of Dog Training

Dogs have many options when it comes to learning so we offer many dog training programs. Many will learn basic etiquette to spend time with a family while some other dogs may learn the skills to perform search and rescue work. There are various types of training for dogs based on what their needs are. Here are some different kinds of dog training programs that are available.

Behavioral training

Behavioral training is any type of training that teaches dogs how to behave correctly around both people other animals and people. It may include some basic commands, but the end goal is to make them good citizens as dogs. Most of this training may deal with behavioral problems like chewing, excessive barking, or housebreaking. This is a very common type of training that is appropriate for younger pups that are just getting started.

Obedience training

Obedience training is focused on making dogs obedient to their owners using commands like lie down, sit or stay, etc. It is a tad bit more advanced than the behavioral training, but it will most likely include some training to fix any behavioral problems before they come up. This type of training is also appropriate for younger pups as well.

Agility training

Agility training is mainly for dogs that participate in dog sports, like obstacle courses, jumping or racing. This is a more advanced version of training that already assumes that your dog understands the basic commands. The handler is not allowed to reward or touch the dog while in competition, so there will has to be a strong connection between the dog and the owner through physical gestures and voice. Although it is true that any dog can be taught these skills, some breeds are more suited to these tasks than others.

Vocational Or Service Dog Training

Dogs can learn a wide variety of skills just like humans. There are some dogs that learn how to herd, hunt, heard, assist the disabled, do search and rescue work, or even work with law enforcement. These learned skills are like vocational training for dogs because it means that they will have a career helping people in one way or another. With these programs, dogs learn specific techniques to hone their senses and communicate with humans, but the programs are also tough and very time-consuming. Any type of vocational training for dogs would assume that they have a solid foundation in terms of their basic skills. Also, some of these programs are suited for specific breeds as well.


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