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Puppy Training – If you have a puppy the time to start training is NOW!

Our puppy training program in Hewitt Area, NC is designed with dog behavior in mind. We understand that these puppy months are critical in your dog’s long-term behavioral development. We know how to guide you in the right direction!

Puppy Training with Sally Said So goes above and beyond basic puppy training classes and puppy socialization classes. We will cover all of the basic topics included in puppy training such as housebreaking and basic commands, etc. Furthermore, we will show YOU, the owner, how to customize a consistent regiment using YOUR unique lifestyle and schedule.

Our private and convenient in-home puppy training classes are scheduled in your home. This allows our certified trainer to provide one-on-one guidance in the following areas:

  • Housebreaking
  • How to stop inappropriate chewing
  • Preventing nipping and biting
  • Teaching basic obedience
  • How to integrate a puppy into a multi-dog household
  • Puppy crate training
  • Safe social strategies
  • How to handle puppy personalities such as fearful, hyperactive, or nervous
  • Creating a set routine for the puppy
  • Learning how to manage the routine long term
  • How to effectively communicate with your puppy & more!

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