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 “I would like to share about the great times we have at our Adult Day Health Center when Shane and Sally come to visit. We have loved ones with memory and physical challenges and when they ask if ‘today will be the day that the little dog and the big guy will be coming around?’ We know exactly who they are talking about – Sally Said So. We haven’t exactly figured out which one is happier to be with us though… But that’s OK – we take all sorts of smiles in our Center, and Sally and Shane deliver in a BIG WAY!
Sally does her tricks, and Shane listens tentatively to the stories. We have one gentleman that was having difficulty leaving his beloved Dalmatian at home while attending the Center, but knowing that Sally is coming to play and perform is a great diversion.
This team provides a blessing every time they come to fellowship with Divine Destiny and we are honored to have them as a community sponsor!
Keep up the great community work Sally, and don’t forget to bring the ‘big guy’ with you when you come!

– Kathy Greenwood – Program Director Divine Destiny Adult Care Inc.


“I have known Shane for about six months now. He volunteers his time for my nonprofit organization. It is hard to get to know someone when you talk to him on the phone or by e-mail or seeing him once a month. However, one Sunday in June we were on our way to a veteran that lives west of the state about 7 Hours drive round-trip.
In those seven hours, I got know Shane the person he has a huge heart he will do what it takes to help anyone that is in a situation. In the visit we met with this Vietnam veteran that lost his dog he has a very severe case of PTSD.
Our visit that day was to see what kind of dog he wanted and can he take care of a dog. On the drive back, Shane looked at me and said I feel very blessed for being a part of this. His work ethic is (work hard to get it done.)
Not only does he have his own business as a dog trainer that he spends several hours a day doing. He had made time to research and fined a dog for this veteran. Pick the dog up and prepared her to take her back up there. This time he made the dry by himself. The look on his veterans face when he got his new best friend is priceless. In addition, we could do this because we have volunteers like Shane that cares.”
– Ronnie Sadoski – President of Vet Mobile, PLLC


“To whom it may concern:
I am happy to say that I refer all my behavior issues to Shane Gentry of “Sally Said So” professional dog training. I have had multiple cases where I thought we had impossible situations to correct and he was able to handle any situation/behavior issue confronting him.
Shane is dependable, conscientious and simply good at what he does. He is energetic, has a positive mental attitude, and he does not give up easily-which is exactly the type of person needed to be a successful animal trainer.
I am happy to hear that he is getting his therapy certification. I am sure he will be excellent in this endeavor as well”
– Dr. Marty Edwards DVM


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